Best VPNs That Offer Dedicated IPs

Best VPNs That Offer Dedicated IPs

Ever wondered how exactly VPN services work to keep your browsing history hidden? The logic behind this is all based on an IP address. This address is more or less a digital fingerprint that gets left behind on every site you visit, and can be used to track back your connection to the device you might have used. A VPN service helps you avoid anyone using your connection to reveal your identity. This is done through hiding your actual IP address, and replacing it with a virtual one. In this case, people will only be able to see the location and IP address of the server that you’ll have connected to, and this will keep your actual information concealed from them. If you happen to have connected to a server that’s based in the UK for example, the sites and channels you visit will assume that you’re accessing them from there, even though you might be in Canada, the US, China, France or anywhere else in the world.

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Best VPNs That Offer Dedicated IPs

Best VPNs That Offer Dedicated IPs

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Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address When Using VPN

Most VPN services today provide their customers IP addresses that are prone to change every now and then; they’re known to be dynamic, hence the name Dynamic IP addresses. They’re taken from a long list of IP addresses, and they’re all used interchangeably by so many customers. You also get to have a new IP address every time you access the Internet, and this helps keep everything secure.

Despite the advantages that using dynamic addresses may bring, there’s another option available for users whose work requires both a secure and reliable connection. If you happen to be spending most of your time online gaming, or downloading large files, or you even want to start your own site & host your private servers, having a dedicated IP is more of a better solution.

People who also tend to do a lot of sensitive work online will also benefit a lot from using dedicated IPs. Accessing an online banking service using a dedicated IP for example becomes easier since a lot of them have security measures that take note of your IP address. If your address is found to change constantly, that may raise an alarm on their end. Gamers might also experience some problems when accessing gaming sites through dynamic IPs since a lot of attention is paid to where the gamer is connecting from. Using a different IP to login to one account every time might cause suspicion and end up getting suspended, or even banned.

Using a dedicated IP address provides you the freedom you would need to carry out whatever activity you need to get done online, without any fear that your connection could be tampered with, or that anyone might be spying on you. Providing dedicated IP addresses to their customers is a service that many providers might find difficult to fulfil, and as a result, there aren’t that many that claim to offer the service. To help you out with your search, we’ve reviewed a number of services that we’re sure offer the service, and we’ve also tried to look at the kind of quality you should expect.

Best VPNs for Dedicated IPs

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is well known for its strict no logs policy, and the fact that their main headquarters is in Panama assures customers that no one will be asking the service for their data records. Being based there means they’re not bound by any data restriction laws that other services based in the US could be under. They also offer military grade protection through features such as Double Data encryption, where a user’s data is transmitted over two servers instead of one, making it very difficult to intercept. There’s also their Tor over VPN feature, where customer’s data gets encrypted by being sent through Tor servers. The service offers dedicated IP addresses for users who would like to access sites or channels in the US, Netherlands, UK and Germany, and all they’d have to do to get access to them is to get in touch with their customer support team. Using NordVPN also means that you’ll have the choice to add up to 5 more connections under the same account. It’s also one of the few providers that offer both a 30-day money back guarantee, and a 3 day free trial period for their potential customers.

2. PureVPN

PureVPN is well known as a provider that offers its subscribers a high quality level of encryption, as well as an assured level of browsing privacy, courtesy of being based in Hong Kong. Their advanced technology and efficiency in service means you won’t have to wait very long once you put in a request for your dedicated IP. They have their special servers based in Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands and Germany. You’ll also get to enjoy a number of features that you won’t find with many other services, such as split tunneling and an Internet kill switch. Device support is also assured, with software based on Windows, Android, Mac and iOS available to their subscribers through the Internet.

3. Torguard

As the name might suggest, TorGuard is a reliable form of security for anyone looking to avoid any security related problems when torrenting. Their service is efficient in that it provides encryption without slowing down on speed. There are also a number of plans you can apply based on preference, and one of them happens to be their anonymous proxy plan which allows you to enjoy quality speeds, and also sets up whatever torrent client you’re fond of using with the security settings that’ll allow it to perform best.

Conclusion on the Best VPNs with Dedicated IP

Connecting to the Internet through a dedicated IP may mean having to pay slightly more than what you’d have to for an ordinary VPN service, but the advantages you’ll get to enjoy surely outweigh the costs. The level of protection you get to enjoy comes unbridled with risks of having your IP address banned, your account suspended for suspicion of ill use. The providers we’ve listed above will ensure that you’re subscribed to a quality service, and receive the full value of your money’s worth.