How to Play Watch Dogs 2 Early on PC, PS4, Xbox One

How to Play Watch Dogs 2 Early on PC, PS4, Xbox One

How to play Watch Dogs 2 early? The Second Installment of Ubisoft’s game series Watch Dogs 2 is a hacking action-adventure game that is set in the fictionalized version of San Francisco. The Game is available on Xbox One and PS4 on November 16, 2016, although PC gamers will have a 2 week wait in order to play. In this tutorial, you can find instructions on how to get early access to Watchdogs 2.

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How to Play Watch Dogs 2 Early on PC, Xbox One, or PS4

How to Play Watch Dogs 2 Early on PC, Xbox One or PS4

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How to use VPN to have Early Watch Dogs 2 Access?

If you really can’t wait, and have the urge to be a part of the launch, then there’s a way to have access earlier depending on your location. VPN can help you access the game earlier. For example if you were living on the US east coast and are connected to VPN, you can have an 18-hour early access.

Note: If you have a Steam account and use VPN, you might get banned. There might be other platforms or vendors that are releasing Watch Dogs 2 earlier. Check them out or stay connected with Steam.

How to Get Early Access to Watch Dogs 2 on PC/Mac?

  1. Go to Ubisoft’s website.
  2. Pre-order your Watch Dogs 2 game.
  3. Sign up with a VPN providers.
  4. Download and install VPN app on your PC/Mac.
  5. Connect to a VPN server where Watch Dogs 2 is released first.
  6. Play Watch Dog 2.

How to Play Watch Dogs 2 on PS4 Before Anyone Else?

To change you PS4 region, you need to create a new PS4 account. Once that is done purchase a PSN gift card from the same region you created your new PSN account in. The gift cards are found on Ebay, Amazon, and similar online shops.

  1. First, head over to the Playstation website.
  2. While filling up the info of your new account, select the region where Watch Dogs 2 is going to be released first. This is very important. You cannot undo/changes later on, so be careful.
  3. Continue your PSN creation process, you’ll then receive an email from Playstation to confirm your new PSN account.
  4. There you now finished creating the new PSN account.
  5. You can also create a new PS Network account on your PS4. Log out of your current Playstation account. Then, select “Create New User”. Follow the same instructions mentioned above.

Play Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One Early?

Here’s how you can change your Xbox One region to get early access to games.

  1. On your Xbox One, go to My Games and Apps’ from the Xbox Home Screen.
  2. Choose Apps’ -> Settings’.
  3. Now, select System’ -> Language & Location’.
  4. Under Location’, choose the region you want.
  5. Finally, restart your Xbox console.

New Zealand usually, get early access according to time zone, so connect via VPN and play Watch Dogs 2 Early.

Why You Should Be Using VPN When Playing Online

  • VPN gets you early access to new releases.
  • It also improves connectivity by decreasing latency
  • VPN also protects you against DDoS attacks while you are playing online.
  • If you want to play against gamers in other regions, you can also use VPN.

Here is a list of the best VPN providers when it comes to online gaming.

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How to Play Watch Dogs 2 Early – Wrap Up

The sequel to the original Watch Dogs certainly looks like it is going to be one of the games of the year. With VPN, you can get access to Watch Dogs 2 even earlier done.


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